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SMC device with Linksys as router

I am trying to set up an internal QNAP device as an FTP server. Unfortunately, I am having problems with the port forwarding settings in the SMC. I currently have the SMC set with the DHCP distribution OFF, and the necessary ports opened with an internal Linksys E4200 handling the DHCP and firewall inside my network (which I also have set with the necessary ports forwarded). I am using DYNDNS to access the qnap device (or TRY to) from outside LAN. But unfortunately, I can't "see" inside the network.


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Re: SMC device with Linksys as router

Welcome Touchstudio.  I will need a bit more information.  Can you view the internal network when connected to the Linksys using a Linksys IP?  Are you attempting to connect externally from a device not connected thru the SMC?  Which port are you using for QNAP device?

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