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Router trouble


My church has comcast business internet with a technicolor DPC3941B gateway. There are several devices connected directly to the gateway, but there are also two consumer wifi routers that we have connected to separate out some specific network devices into their own network (as well as fill in some dead spots in wifi coverage). For example, one of the routers is in our auditorium and has cameras, projectors, and a few other things with static IPs connected to it.


When we arrived today, both routers were unable to connect to the gateway. Any computers/devices  that connected directly to the Comcast gateway worked just fine and had internet access. But both routers could not connect to the gateway and thus no internet access. We reset both the gateway and the routers, and nothing was fixed. We ended up bypassing the routers for a few important devices and got through the day, but we're trying to figure out what changed. Does anyone have an idea what to do?


Also, is the login info for the Technicolor gateway cusadmin/highspeed? I tried this combination earlier, but did not work. In searching the forums I see that I need to be directly connected to the gateway, and I'm not sure if the computer I was using was directly connected so that could be it.

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Re: Router trouble

Hello, how is it going? I hope overall your day is going well. I am sorry to hear about this situation. I know not being able to get online using both those routers turned the day upside down :{ I have experienced a similar issue in the past. You did the right thing by testing a device directly to the modem. It sounds like the modem is online and your connection to our network is there. 


If you are trying to log into the modem it is ideal to use a device that is online and connected to your modem. This link will help us out also. ( If the default username and password to log into the modem's Admin Portal has been customized, the default settings may not log you in. The last section using this link "Log in and secure the Admin tool" will show you the default username will be cusadmin and the default password will be highspeed or CantTouchThis. 

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