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It's me again!  🙂 

We've resolved all the little temporary problems and I'm back to my original quest - getting remote access to my Iomega ix2 NAS.  Friday I was on the phone with everybody and their brother - Iomega, Comcast, Linksys/Cisco.  I can't remember exactly who told me exactly what, but here's a summary:


I need ports 80, 443, & 50500-50599 open. 

The Comcast router is at  Wired connections only. 

There is a wireless Linksys E2500 hanging off of it providing our in-house network.  (three whole laptops and a wired desktop)

The Linksys sees itself as 192.1681.1.  Comcast router sees it as 

Port forwarding is/was setup in the Linksys router.  (can't remember if it is at this point or not, but it was.)

Iomega is set up with a static IP of

Port forwarding on the Comcast router is enabled and setup.  However, I need the IP address it sees the Linksys at to remain static, otherwise, my port forwarding rules are only good until the next reset.  (Comcast router changes the last octet -,, etc.,  which kills my forwarding rules.)


Linksys says their router can't be setup on 10.1.10.xx because the Comcast router is already there and I have to buy another piece of hardware or have you all supply a different router, one that includes wireless, to use their router the way I need.

I know just enough about networking to be confused by that statement.  While I've worked on computers since before Windows, I am not network trained.  I understand the concepts of DHCP, networking, LAN/WAN, etc and can setup the basics, but the devil's in the details of this one.  Why can't the Linksys be a member of 10.1.10.xx? 


How can I get this port forwarding stuff to work and everybody to play nice with each other?


Thank you,



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Re: Router / Access Point Setup

Hi WCHFH.  Our Tier 2 group was able to connect to your NAS drive on port 80 and view the nature slideshow.  Port 443 appears to have an IP access list associated with it and ports 50500 -- 50599 does not appear to have applications associated.  


Thank You

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Re: Router / Access Point Setup

You just need to change settings in the gateway to never change the ip address of the connected devices.

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