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Retail Router Selection

The allowed retail business routers by the Comasct system are outdated and limited. In comparison they "lease" a 4 port Cisco unit but only allow Surfboard one port units. Why add additional speed when you funnel it down to one port? Seems like a fixed game where you have to lease from Comcast at exhorbident rates. Only 10 days on Comcast and I miss my Charter Business service. At least they allowed more flexibility on router hardware.

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Re: Retail Router Selection

Hello budman and welcome to forums,


Thank you for your input about diversity of customer owned devices available at this time. If you have a specific device in mind for use with business service, feel free to submit that information to myself or one of the other forum admins so we can forward it to our products team. You can always confirm what new devices are allowed for busienss service by visting I hope this information helps.

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