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Request to reset user ID/password of my SMCD3G-CCR and set to bridge mode



I can't log in -- actually, I haven't been able to since it was installed, and that was well over 2 years ago!  🙂


But I didn't need to anyway.  And I may really not have to, but...


I've been having problems with my wife's telecommuting setup (she has a thin client set up, which accesses her corporation's network via a hardware VPN device), so I figured at first that gaining access to the SMC's settings would help me fix the problem.


But then I read a number of the posts, and it seems to me that I got (mostly) lucky.  I've had a double NAT/DHCP situation, yet for the most part, the ordinary gadgets (PCs, tablets, smartphones) has been able to access Internet via my Linksys E3000 router without a problem even though DHCP and NAT is enabled for both the Linksys and SMC routers.  The only problems have been with my wife's equipment, which have only cropped up on the rare occasions that we've had to reboot.  Given what I've read, it's now not surprising to me that a reboot of her system results in an agonizingly long, long time for her equipment to "find" the Internet. It literally takes an hour plus.


As I understand it, the solution is to set the SMC to bridge mode (or to buy a new cable modem, but that's a separate post) and let the Linksys take care of everything.


So, while I might not necessarily need to log in, to cover my bases I'd like to have the SMC reset to the default user ID and password, and then have it set to bridge mode.


One question: to be perfectly clear, once the SMC is in bridge mode, it means that the SMC's LAN ports are inoperative, correct?


Thanks very much in advance!

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Re: Request to reset user ID/password of my SMCD3G-CCR and set to bridge mode

Hi Aspire.  Thank you for the follow up via PM.  Good to hear that your VPN access has improved after bridging the SMC Device.


Thank You

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