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Redirecting to XFinity walled garden after switching to comcast business

My setup was completed about two weeks ago and it's been working fine until this morning. Now when I try to go to any Internet location I get an XFinity login screen that seems to indicate my modem needs to be set up. I am using my own modem, not one provided by Comcast. It worked fine for XFinity when I had that service and it was working fine over the last two weeks with the new Business service.


I'm thinking that something got messed up when I asked them to disconnect my XFinity account which is what I had prior to Comcast Business class. I believe that what would fix the issue is if someone could just reprovision the modem at my location. Unfortunately I'm not sure who to get a hold of to do this. Finding a technical phone number on this site is difficult to say the least.


Anyone have any insights for me?


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Re: Redirecting to XFinity walled garden after switching to comcast business

Hi there rmagnuson, and thanks so much for letting us know about this! I'd be glad to work on this. It sounds like the modem was connected to the now-disconnected residential service so we may need to verify both accounts. Please click on my handle (Comcast_Gina) and send a private message with the following:


(to verify the residential accountSmiley Happy your name, the service address, the account number


(to verify the business accountSmiley Happy the business name, service address, account or phone number


Thanks and meet you there! 

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