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Port forwarding question

Hi, all.

I have a small audio studio.  In the studio, I have several cameras for security, a couple of printers (for printing, to overstate the obvious), and several audio "CODECs" to send audio to / receive audio from external locations.


I have the Comcast Business Class SMC modem, and a switch.  All the equipment is plugged into the switch.


I have 5 static IP's, but more gear than the available IP's.


How do your recommend that I assign IP addresses to each device, with port forwarding (example:  I've contacted other audio facilities in the past with this sort of address (:1234), but I'm not sure how to do it on my own.


My initial thought was since my IP range is 121 - 125, I would do office equipment on 121:xxx1 - 121:xxx6; camera's on 122:xxx1 - 122:xxx5; CODEC's on 123:xxx1 - 123:xxx5, etc.


I may not be totally grasping the concept, but I would appreciate any assistance the community might offer.





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Re: Port forwarding question

Just in case you haven't gotten your answer yet...


You will need to have an IP address for each individual component. So, each camera, printer, codec device needs to have its own IP address. You can either set the IP address on the device (static IP address) or you can have your modem/router assign a static IP address (Reserved DHCP address). This way the device will always have the same IP address.


The port forwarding is completely different. Port forwarding allows you to send a request to your modem (with whichever IP address it is assigned by your Internet provider - so not your typical 192.168 or 10.1 IP address). When the modem receives the request and sees that a port number is associated with it, it will then check its port forwarding table to see which device that request should be passed onto.


It will then connect your request to the device that is using that port number. So, along with each device having its own IP address on your network, you want to make sure that each device is set up using a different port number as well.



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