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Port Forwarding

Hi.  I have a single static IP address and I am trying to set up some port forwarding rules.


I have a box that I am setting up as a web server, and I'd like ssh access too so I want to set up forwards for ports 80 and 22.


When I try to set up port 22, I get this error:




So, my first question: is it possible to open up port 22 ?


Second, I cannot seem to get port 80 to work either. I set that up as a forward and I get a "502 Bad Gateway - Response Error".  When I hit the web server from inside the LAN, it serves up the page fine, but from outside the LAN I get the error.


Thanks for any insights.

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Re: Port Forwarding

The problem with the tirst half is that the comcast gateway is actually using port 22 remote administration over ssh. Easiest solution is to change the public port to something else and then direct your ssh client to that port.  You server on your lan can still be on 22.


As for the 502 error First clear cache on your browser.  were you accessing the server by ip or url.  You will need to make sure that the configuration is correct on the webserver, and that access is  allowed from external IP's.