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Port Forwarding 5050

I tried to find this on the existing questions...  I am using a Droid phone to try to see my DVR video cameras. 


I have a static IP and a netgear router. 


I checked the Disable Firewall for True Static IP Subnet Only box... I think that this makes gives my netgear router all control... 


I have turned on Ping on my Netgear so I can ping it... That seems to work.


I then set my DVR to a static IP, and set up a port forwarding rule for port 5050, 6050,  7050.  The DVR says that those parts are to do Command Port 5050, Media Port 6050, and Mobile Port 7050. 


I downloaded IP Cam Viewer for my droid...  I can turn on Wifi and connect to my internal IP address with port 5050 and see the cameras.  Then if I turn off Wifi and try to connect to my external IP address with port 5050 but cannot connect. 


Does Comcast block port 5050?  Help!?



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Re: Port Forwarding 5050

Welcome EvergreenJeff.  Comcast does not block ports 5050, 6050 or 7050.  We have that the SMC is configured with the correct bootfile and IP.  I am including a Netgear Link that contains configuration information for a number of Netgear routers.  For additional assistance please send me a PM with your contact info and we can have a Tier 2 agent work directly with you.


Thank You

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