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Not being given the "Disable XFinity HotSpot" option through the portal?

I have two Comcast Business Class orders, both coming into the same building but for different clients.   Both are the exact same level of bandwidth, and both are the exact same Comcast modem make/model (Cisco).  


However, when I log into the portal for each modem's account, only on ONE of the accounts do I get the ability to disable the XFinityWifi hotspot on the modem through the "Manage Internet Services" support options.  If both orders are the EXACT same thing, I would expect both accounts to offer me the exact same features (i.e. turning off the XFinityWifi hotspot through the management portal).

Any idea why I have different manage options for two accounts with the exact same service level and hardware devices?

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Re: Not being given the "Disable XFinity HotSpot" option through the

Hello heliotech-it,


So sorry for the delay. The reason one could be different is when the push was made to add that feature in the portal it could have gotten stuck on the one account. 


If it is still not showing please send me a private message with that account number so I can see if we can push it through. 


Thank you 

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