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Netgear Firmware Error - V1.33.03 Random Routing Errors


Netgear Firmware Error - V1.33.03 Random Routing Errors

So, I had been tearing my hair out because as I tried to access my server from my desk the server would randomly disconnect and become unresponsive to pings or web browsing or anything at all.  Going to a public ping page would always produce successful pings but pinging directly from my laptop the pings would work except that the server would stop responding from time to time.


Then I was trying to ping to all three IP addresses that I have set up in the server (each SSL web site needs a separate and distinct IP address) and I happened to notice that when one IP address was pinging the other two were not. I could only ping (and interact with) one of the three server IP addresses at a time.


My laptop is on my "inside" network using IP address (gateway and my server is on my "outside" network using my fixed IP address space (/29). From my laptop I can ping any reasonable Internet IP address (i.e., and from the Internet I can ping my server's 3 IP addresses all day long, but I can only ping one server IP at a time from my laptop.


So, I called for technical support and I was told that there was a firmware error in the Netgear box and they would send a technician out to swap out the box.  The technician got here and refused to swap the box telling me that this was a feature not a bug and if I wanted to ping from a firewall-protected inside network I would need to purchase an additional firewall box to do that with, and I would have to dedicate an additional fixed IP address (which I am paying for) in order to be able to use that extra firewall box I should not need to purchase in the first place.


When I set up this deal I was told that if I wanted static IP addresses (and I do, for my server) I would have to accept the Netgear box from Comcast, which is leased at a monthly fee rate. Now I'm being told that the box will not do what it was sold to me to do and I have to engineer my own solution because Comcast refuses to fix the problem caused by the Netgear box they force me to use.


And, to add insult to injury they are billing me for $99.99 for the service call!!!


I consider this to be a warranty issue and I am REALLY UPSET!!!


I don't know what the real solution might be, but this whole mess stinks, and I want a real solution!!!  Otherwise I'll be asking for a refund.


== Bill


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Re: Netgear Firmware Error - V1.33.03 Random Routing Errors

I'm having the same problem with my router on the same firmware:


The only workaround I found was to install another router and put that routers external IP in the DMZ settings of the Netgear.  That way you are bypassing the non-functional firewall features of the Netgear then configure your port forwarding rules on the new router.


Of course my router, which is a DIR-655 only supports one static IP, so now I'm paying for a block of 5 IPs and can only use one. Smiley Mad


Re: Netgear Firmware Error - V1.33.03 Random Routing Errors

Your DIR-655 router should only consume ONE out of your five static IP addresses.  If your problem is the same as my problem, nothing is wrong with the static IP routing. Only the internal DHCP-assigned address space is malfunctioning. So what I did was to add a wireless router/gateway onto one of the static IP addresses and I'm using that for my internal network. I still have my server on 3 IP addresses in the static IP address range (I need 3 due to SSL restrictions), and I have exactly one static IP address left for future use.


HOWEVER, this still stinks as I get an extra hope of latency for anything on my internal network, plus I'm paying extra for a second router to do what the Netgear is supposed to do but does not do. So I'm still arguing with billing.

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