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Netgear CG3000D lost wireless support

Since about 12 hours ago, I can no longer access the wireless network of my Netgear CG3000D router. When connecting to my router through an ethernet cable, I notice that the interface of the router has changed. The login screen looks totally different and now says "Comcast Business Gateway". In fact, it seems that the router received an automatic firmware update. Not only has the interface changed, but also the login information. The default login password has changed to (user: cusadmin, pass: highspeed) whereas it used to be (user: admin, pass: password). When login in, the interface has totally changed, and there is no page where I can configure the wireless network. This has been confirmed by comcast chat support.


Several other customers complain about the same issue on the comcast forums:

It seems to be the exact same issue.

Resetting the router to factory defaults as suggested by your chat support did *not* resolve the issue.

I would like to know who is responsible for the firmware updates. Furthermore, I would like to request to immediately revert the firmware update to the old version such that I can use my wireless network again. Any other suggestions on how to resolve this issue are highly appreciated.


Update: It seems that Comcast pushed Comcast branded firmware on my router. Consequently, it no longer has support for wireless. How to revert this?


Vendor Name Netgear
Hardware Version 1.04
Serial Number 2DV327U307DE7
Firmware Version V1.33.03
Operating Mode Residential Gateway


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Re: Netgear CG3000D lost wireless support

I finally found out what happened. Comcast corporate is using the Netgear CG3000D routers for its customers. They pushed a router firmware update over their network, but they didn't check whether the receiving routers were owned by Comcast, or whether they were privately owned by the customer. As a consequence, they (wrongfully) replaced the firmware on my private CG3000D router with their own Comcast branded firmware. Consequently, most of the functionality of my router, including wireless networking, is permanetly disabled. This has been confirmed by the Comcast router department. 


What's worse, is the fact that Comcast cannot revert this error, nor could they provide a replacement router. Instead, after a lot of arguing they offered a 60$ compensation, which is about half the price of that router. 

It took me about 6 hours of calling with all kinds of Comcast representatives. They referred me back and forth between Netgear support and some non-free support desk. It is incredibly rude to refer a customer having a problem clearly caused by Comcast to a non-free support desk. The usual reply of a Comcast representative (chat/phone): "sorry sir, all we can see from here is that your internet connection works fine. We cannot do anything for you. We suggest you buy a new router".


I have never seen a company with worse support!

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Re: Netgear CG3000D lost wireless support

I hate to tell you this but Comcast is NOT at fault here. Take a look at the terms you agreed to when you signed up for service. You will find that even though you own the modem, to not have to pay the rental fee, they have COMPLETE control over and are free to push any upgrade and make any change they want.


Next time read to TOS before you complain.

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