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Need help resetting modem password please...



For what ever reason, custadmin / highspeed doesn't work for me, nor do any of the passwords which I would have usedin that spot. 


What is the best way to get the box pwd reset? 


Can I reset the entire device?





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Re: Need help resetting modem password please...

Hello OpenlyConnected and welcome,


If you do not have any Comcast Static IPs loaded and configured on your Comcast Gateway (CG) simply depress for a minimum of 15 seconds the little black reset button on the back of the CG. You might have to use a stretched out paper clip for this and this will reset your log in credentials back to factory default cusadmin/highspeed. Also, make sure you are connecting with a computer having an Enet cable connected into any LanPport 1-4 interconnect.


Hope this helps you out. 

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