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Memory corruption in SMC 1.01 with

I have the same SMC networks cable modem that I got when I originally signed up for Comcast Business, many years ago.  I've noticed that when I list the clients in the web UI, it fetches a JSONP list of mac addresses, names, and IP addresses.  Sometimes this list contains the string\\ 2\\ log\\ vlan\\ 0'


instead of a MAC address.


I'm concerned that this memory corruption reflects instability in the modem software, and could potentially be exploited for a remote code execution vulnerability. My firmware version is


I've also had to completely disable DNS service through the cable modem, because it stops responding after a few days and comes back only with a reboot.

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Re: Memory corruption in SMC 1.01 with

Hello klotz and welcome to forums,


Based on the information you have provided I have two potential solutions for you. First is for me to push a factory rest from my end ensuring that the Firmware is up to date and that the modem is re-registered to the network. Next would be to have a tech come out to check the lines and possibly swap the modem. The factory rest usually takes 2-3 minutes but can take up to 40 minutes to complete. Do you have a preferred time of day for this rest?

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