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Is any of this the proper initial setup?

Ok, this is obviously pretty basic.


But just want to be clear.


Currently I have my setup like A.


What can be done with the extra 3 ports on the comcast router?  Can I use them for addiotnal clients etc?  Or will it have a effect on other things/settings.


I am assuming B is all wrong, but can this be valid?  I am not sure where to place a hardware firewall if I pick one up.  And to add to confusion, not sure where to put my OWN router (non-comcast).  I guesss I would have to BRIDGE the Comcast router first to do this?


I am trying to get my set up correct before i "REINSTALL" Windows Server 2012 RS ESSENTIALS" "AGAIN"...  somethign about the Esentials auto detecting settings etc ...  i.e. turn off DHCPv4 and DHCP v6 on a seperate router (mine) after brdiging Comcast routre/modem.  If Essentials detects another DHCP (on comcast or my router) it will not install DHCP.  I can just unplug the ethernet to bypass that problem, but tryng to get the correct setup for install instead.


Thanks for checking out this mess.  : \





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Re: Is any of this the proper initial setup?

I surely am not the person to help out here but our previous setup used at our office was virtually identical to what you've proposed.  I'll just elaborate on what we had and maybe it'll give you some piece of mind???


Our Secure Computing SnapGear SG 565 Router, Gateway and Security appliance contains for ports on the back designated as A1 - A4.  There is ONE additional port that is referred to as "B".  The Comcast SMC Modem was put into Bridge Mode and never accessed afterwords for 8 years plus!


All configuration was done in the SnapGear.  All port forwarding, DHCP, dns-suffix, VPN, and more information than I could even think of was in that piece of gear.  It was also our Wireless Access Point.  It was setup on the Class B Domain.  It's limitation which I haven't got an opinion on is the limit of 10/100 verses Gigabit.  Ports A1 and A2 were directly connected into our 3Com 2424Plus Switches.  


I'm seriously thinking about going back to the unit simply because it worked.  I also have all the setup information in it already loaded and pictures of every screen for configuration.  I'd be more than happy to share everything with you from the pictures if you'd like.  I don't think it's a bottleneck since the computers on our LAN are really more concerned about the gigabyte between them and not the SnapGear.  That's what I'd like to find out.


If you'd like anything, send me a PM.





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Re: Is any of this the proper initial setup?

I have sent you a private message regarding this post.

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