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Installing a WRE with a business line - how to?

Hi, I was wondering what my options were in terms of using WiFi Range Extenders. We have a business line for our 4 story house where the modem is stored in the basement, so we're obviously experiencing some connection issues as the signal moves upwards.


We had a WiFi Pro on the second floor, but it has stopped working since we reset the network and we'd prefer to not have one network. 


Would something like the Netgear Nighthawk Mesh X4S (EX7500) be compatible with the business line? And how would I install it myself?


Or would something like the xFi Pods be a better deal/value? 


I tried talking to customer support, and they offered me nothing except another WiFi Pro.


Please advise, we are dropping our Zoom calls as teachers!

Thank you

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Re: Installing a WRE with a business line - how to?

Hello, how are you? I hope overall your day is going well. I will be happy to answer all your questions and get you all the information you need. Most new Wi-Fi Extenders will work on your Comcast Business modem. Are you able to let me know what modem you are using with your business service? If you send a private message with your name exactly as it appears on your account, your full-service address, and your account number? (or phone number) I can look at your equipment. 

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