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IPv6 compatible modem.

Not sure what the process is but I would like to get a IPv6 compatible modem. I see that according to this list I would a SB6121. Do I need to call and get a ticket created for this? Do I need to pay another $200 install fee for someone to just come out and swap the device? Can I drop by an office and pick one up? Could one be mailed to me? I'm mostly wondering because I'd love to get ISP provided IPv6 running rather than using my Hurricane Electric tunnels. I'm trying to get a jump on my IPv6 migration plans and having ISP provided IPv6 would be helpful.

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Re: IPv6 compatible modem.

Hello hsmalley,


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To your inquiry, I recommend for you to contact your Comcast Sales representative for assistance.

They will assist you in assigning SB6121 to your premise.



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