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How would simpleton VPN work from remote clients

It's me again. This new thread may make yesterday's topic of "LPR delays" moot because now I'm thinking of introducing a VPN router.


I've been asked whether it is possible to arrange Windows remote desktop aceess from outside to just one Win7 PC. The software suite they want to use is simply not geared for LAN or WAN deployment in any way. Windows remote desktop appears  to be the only possibility.


I am rethinking the small business network. I've never set up or used a secure SOHO VPN before. I'd sign us up for one static IP from Comcast  and bridge the DPC3939B to a well rated VPN router with NAT passage to the inside Win7 PC. (My naivity is probably showing already).  My question for the forum is, what would the remote clients do from their homes? Are there soft VPN clients needing no remote hardware that are suitable for Windows remote terminal on the host?  



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Re: How would simpleton VPN work from remote clients




I recommend that you view this article which I have provided to many other business customers who have successful VPN network implementation : .This article is like the bible of VPN utilization effectiveness and efficiency.


Hope this helps you out.

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