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How to get true bridge? (SMC 8014)

I've read that people have been able to have their SMC 8014s put into true bridge mode by having Comcast telnet into the device and issue it the command ven rg 0. However, the technical support representatives I spoke with did not know of this option and claimed that my 8014 was already in bridge mode.


I need true bridge mode (i.e., operate like a dumb modem) because the so-called 'bridge' mode that the 8014 is currently in makes it impossible to use an IPsec VPN. I've tried various VPN endpoints. None of them will work in this situation. Cisco support reviewed the configuration of the 8014 and specifically told us that it was the problem.


I understand this would be an unsupported configuration and that it would be lost if the 8014 were reset; however, the inability to use any standard VPN is a real deal killer for "business class" Internet access. (Another option could be to use a standard cable modem.)


How do I go about getting this configuration change?


I have a static IP as part of my package.


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Re: How to get true bridge? (SMC 8014)

Welcome  ccrpa.  Comcast Tier 2 Support can change the gateway from router mode to true bridge pass thru mode.  The change will cause a disruption in service and with the gateway in bridge mode the gateway will not pass thru your Comcast statically assigned public IP.  The Cisco device will have to be set to obtain the IP address automatically.   Changes between router mode and bridge mode in the SMC are via CLI only, power resets will not affect the setup.  The change can be made at your convenience.


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