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How to directly connect a Synology Diskstation

I would like to connect our Synology Diskstation 1812+ directly to the internet in order for our employees to have access through the internet while on travel. 


Can I connect directly to the Comcast modem to satisfy the "Connect using DSL or Cable Modem or LAN that does not require a username and password"?


We currently have the DS connected via the router, but this router is not supported by Synology at this time and I can't figure out how to set the port forwarding rules etc manually.  It would seem it would be easier to connect directly to the Comcast Modem, but when I tried that connection and started the EZ Internet process, it won't find the DS.   Any input?

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Re: How to directly connect a Synology Diskstation

I'm not familiar with that particular NAS device. However, in order for you to access your network resources remotely, you will need to setup VPN access to the network. If the NAS offers remote web access, you will need to find out which port it uses for the access and how it authenticates users for access. For security I would recommend the VPN option.

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