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How to configure port forwarding gateway+router

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How to configure port forwarding gateway+router


I have question regarding port forwarding settings.

I have an netgear gateway and router after it.

Before I was using port forwarding to watch security camera dvrs and it was fine.

Now with this gateway system doesn't work.

I know that it' needed to setup and port forwarding in the gateway but not sure how to do it.

For example i have network after the router like and port 8000 is forwarded to dvr

How to forward ports at the gateway and are there any settings I need to change?


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Re: How to configure port forwarding gateway+router

I have tried different sugestions but nothing helps.

Still can`t get access from ouside.

Can I just configure gateway as a modem so the router can be visible from outside?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: How to configure port forwarding gateway+router

Hello str,


To your query there are two viable options.


1. Contact our sales/billing department and request for a standalone modem, which will pass the Dynamic WAN to your router.(1-800-391-3000, choose option for change of service when prompted in the options)


2. Create a matching port forwarding rule not only on the IP-Gateway but also on your router pointing toward your camera.

EX: IP-Gateway ( - port # except on this list )-> Your router (xx.xx.xx.xx- port # except on this list ) -> camera (xx.xx.xx.xx)


Thank you

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