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I'm trying to set up my Comcast Business Class SMC Gateway with a Belkin wireless router, and I got it initially working, but I'll typically get about 5-10 minutes of smooth performance on wireless connected devices before they time out, can no longer resolve DNS addresses, and are unable to reconnect to the wireless router for another 5-10 minutes. I've tried manually setting the router settings (DHCP off, static IP outside gateway DHCP IP range) and using the preset "Use as wireless access point" option built in to the Belkin router, and both have worked for a little while, but I always end up back at the off again on again behavior. Could it be a hardware issue? I think the router might be on the old side, as the gateway keeps resetting its connection to the router from 1000Mbps to 100Mbps. Also, might just be coincidental, but it seems like whenever I connect a new device to the wireless, the previously connected ones bail. And the list of connected devices (from the SMC gateway) at one point showed an IP conflict, but even when it showed no IP conflict, I still had the sporadic connections.




- Have SMC Gateway and Belkin Wireless Router

- Have succeeded getting Internet connection for devices connected to the router, *but*

- Internet connection on router-connected devices usually dies after 5-10 minutes



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