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Firewall Question on Netgear CG3000DCR Gateway

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Firewall Question on Netgear CG3000DCR Gateway

I recently received a CD3000DCR gateway (Firmware V1.33.03) and have connected a DLink WBR-1310 wireless router to it. I have a number of PC's connected through the DLink router and was trying to setup one of them as a MS VPN server.  I recently learned that the old DLink router does not support GRE Protocol 47 causing VPN connections to fail.  It only connects if I configure the VPN server outside the DLink firewall via the DLink router's DMZ.


I have port forwarded the gateway to the DLink router to allow incoming connection requests to reach the VPN server, which is now outside of the DLink router firewall, and it allows VPN connections to succeed.


My question is: Since the DLink router is still behind the gateway's firewall, do I still have firewall protection via the gateway's firewall or have I circumvented all firewalls by placing the VPN server in the DMZ?


Thanks for any guidance.

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Re: Firewall Question on Netgear CG3000DCR Gateway

Welcome adminsx. Based on the info in the post the port forwarding rule allows all inbound traffic (unfiltered) that specifies that port number.  Your current set up does not have firewall protection for the VPN server.


Thank You

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