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Ethernet connected device showing as "Offline"

We have a Technicolor BWG router that is working fine with 6-10 devices connecting via WiFi and 2 devices connected via Ethernet.  A third device had been connected perfectly fine via Ethernet but after it was disconnected and reconnected it now appears on the “Offline Devices.”  The device’s connection to the Ethernet port is recognized, though, as it appears as “Active” under Gateway > Hardware > LAN Ethernet.  How do I get the device to be recognized/accessible again?

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Re: Ethernet connected device showing as "Offline"

Hello jgreene_vb and welcome to forums,


I would like top make a backup of your current configuration then send a factory rest to your gateway. This can be a timely process taking no longer than 40 minutes to complete. Please message me or post when/if you would like to push this rest.


Thank You

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