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Does the Netgear CG3000DCR Work Well For Anybody?

It sure doesn't work well for us. With a static IP address. Firmware v1.33.03. 


Primary symptom is frequent periods of really slow or incomplete web page loads, trouble started immediately after Comcast swapped out the old SMC router for the Netgear unit.




Problems resolved when I (finally) got Comcast to give me an SMC router.  The other symptom that went away with switching to the SMC was frequent periods (of one or two minutes) of no traffic through an inbound SSH connection to my static-IP server.  Especially puzzling was that pinging always looked pretty good--reasonable times and loss less than 1%--both from my computers to Google, and toward my server from the DSLreports smokeping testers.



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Re: Does the Netgear CG3000DCR Work Well For Anybody?

Not for us, same firmware also using a static block....

I havel lost 100's of hnours on this.......

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Re: Does the Netgear CG3000DCR Work Well For Anybody?

I have been experiencing similar problems. In my case working with my own sever in the static IP address space from inside the 10.* interlal IP address space would stop communicating randomly. I discovered it would only talk to one static IP at a time and pseudo-randomly picked which one.


How do you convince Comcast to swap out to an SMC router?  I really need to make that happen for me too.....


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