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Disable router function in Comcast Business SMC

I have a Comcast Business provided SMC and it does not have the feature set I need from a router. What settings do I need to change to have my own router set up? I disabled LAN DHCP but that did not seem to help any. In short, I want their coax to enter their SMC Modem box, a network line enter my router, and then lines out of my router to my pcs.



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Re: Disable router function in Comcast Business SMC

Welcome GreenPCPros.  The SMC can be set to <true bridge mode> where all router functions are disabled.  Alternately the device can be replaced with a standalone modem, ( a bridged device).  Currently the Motorola 6120, 6121 & 6141 are available for business customers.  Please note that bridged gateways and stand alone modems cannot be used with fixed Static IP assignments on the Comcast Network.  Our Technical Support Center center can assist with the device change. We can assist with setting the SMC to <true bridge mode>, please send a private message with the RF-Mac Address of the device and your account number and I will have our Support Team make the requested change.


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