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DHCP, DNS, SMC gateway and SBS

We have been using the SMC Gateway, along with a network hub and Small business Server for Windows.


My Server has to have a static internal IP address, all of the clients are set up dynamic.


Do I turn off DNS and DHCP on the Windows Small business server and let the SMC Gateway handle all of that?


We don't host a website or email, just need all clients the ability to get on the internet.

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Re: DHCP, DNS, SMC gateway and SBS

Welcome SILadmin.  As you stated that your server needs an internal IP, if it is directly connected to your router you can manually assign one from the DHCP scope that is on your router.  This will enable your internal networked computers access with fewer routing statements on your router.  It is not necessary to connect it directly to the SMC.  Alternately, you can "turn off DNS and DHCP in the server," and directly connect both the router and server to the SMC and utilize DNS & DHCP from the SMC.  Please let us know if you need further assistance with the configuration of the Comcast SMC Gateway.


Thank YOu

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