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Connecting Wifi (3rd Party) to SMC Modem via switch.

I've been having issues attempting to connect a WRT100 Linksys wifi (N) router to my existing network. The Modem is an SMC D3G-CCR connected to an EdgeMarc15. From there, the Edgemarc connects out to a Dell PowerConnect 2124, which is mirrored onto a Speedgain “c5e+”Array wall mounted array. The other end of each off these are the ethernet ports at each desk/workstation.

With this, I should be able to "plug and play" any device. When I connect a laptop to service or a new computer, I can get connected to the internet without a problem at any workstation.

However, when I connect a wireless router, I can get a wireless signal into the router, but not an internet signal.

So, how do I configure the wireless router and the SMC correctly to get WIFI?

Note that the company service contract with Comcast Business allows for up to 25 static IP addresses available. We are using one (possibly two including the VOIP Phone) leaving me with the option to use one of the 23 left.


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Re: Connecting Wifi (3rd Party) to SMC Modem via switch.

Hello DuSABLE_Inc and welcome,


Please clarify any of my presumptions of your Network interconnect below.


I understand you have SMCD3G (S3G) Comcast Gateway with a VoiceEdge special 25 (or 29?) StaticIP block. You have a EdgeMarc15 (like 4550, 4570, etc.) device and is directly connected to one of the S3G LanPorts 1-4.  Then you have a 2124 PowerConnect switch plugged into one of the 1-4 EdgeMarc LAN Ports.  


The programming of your wireless router need to be one of the following:

1. if your wireless router is connected into one of the free EdgeMarc LAN ports and then you need to disable  your wireless router DCHP Server backend in order to simply use the S3G internal DHCP server. This is predicated on the EdgeMarc able to be used as a pass through device and having no DHCP server internal capability.


2. If 1.) is not the case, then you may have to connect your EdgeMarc to S3G, then connect your wireless router to EdgeMarc, then connect your 2124 to one of the wireless router ports. You may have to disable your S3G DHCP server and simply use the wireless router DHCP server for dynamic address implementation.


Let us know how this works out for you.



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