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Connected Devices page in Gateway

I have the DPC3941B. When going to the Connected Devices page. I see for each android connected something like android-f673a8a769c10b88


If you have more than 1 or 2 android's on your Gateway, this is really annoying. Could you please pass along to the firmware/whoever guys..... Let us rename the connected devices in the gateway to have a better idea of what or who a device is? It would greatly appreciated.


I know you can add comments to the device which you can see if you click on each device. They could either make a column for the comments or add a way to edit the name of the android to something like Jim's Phone etc. This way you would not have to click each device to see or try to memorize every android name on your network. 







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Re: Connected Devices page in Gateway

Hi ewatts76 and thanks for the feedback. 


I have also responded to your private message. Please send a reply there.

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