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Completely Disable router mode



I understand that this question has been asked many times, but I seem to always find the answer was sent privately. I have SMC SMCD3G-CCR that I am using only to as a cable modem, I have my own router Netgear R7000 that I like to keep using.


I would like to completely disable the router functionality of the modem and give the Fixed IP address that I have directly to my Netgear, how can I do that (whilst keeping my fixed IP)? 





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Re: Completely Disable router mode

Hi eMxyzptlk.  On the Comcast network fixed static IP address cannot be assigned to bridged devices, also Comcast does not allow the configuration of Static IP address on non Comcast equipment. As all services and support for your account are handled by our National Accounts Center@866-511-6489, please contact National Accounts Team for any allowed configuration changes and assistance for this service.


Thank You

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