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Comcast does not allow us to replace the phone modem

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Comcast does not allow us to replace the phone modem

We orderd the phone service starting November 2017 from Comcast Business. Before we signed the contract, we were told that the modem could be replaced and the recurring monthly equipment fees of $15 will be waived. The total 3-year ( I have a 3-year contract) leasing fees will be $540. The exact modem can be bought from eBay or Amazon around $50. I bought it for $32.5.


We just bought a modem on 4/23/18 and called Comcast at 800-391-3000 to replace the modem. I was told that the phone modem can not be replaced even if it is the exact modem (same model number) - this is Comcast policy. I complained and asked to speak to the manager, then my phone was disconnected. I called back again and asked to speak with the manager and my phone was hold for a while then it was disconnected again. This is really a good way to ripple a customer by charging leasing fees continuously without letting you replace it with your own modem.


I am in the process to report this to the BBB and will post this to other chat group.

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Re: Comcast does not allow us to replace the phone modem


Hi Roy and welcome to the business forums.


It is regretful to hear about your experience and I definitely would like to forward your feedback. To do so, please private message me your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of your business location and the phone number associated with your account. 


I want to also address the issue with your voice modem or EMTA. This piece of equipment has to be leased as this need to be provisioned by Comcast Business for phone services to work on it. With a purchased version, we're not able to log into it and provision the phone services.

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