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Cisco modem reboots weekly


Cisco modem reboots weekly

The Cisco business gateway will reboot all by itself.  I have to power it off and back on to get it to come back up or it won't come back online.  I don't think this thing's supposed to do that.  Any ideas?  Do I need to get it replaced?


DOCSIS Software Version:dpc3939b-v303r2042173-151003a-CMCST
Software Image Name:dpc3939b-v303r2042173-151003a-CMCST.p7b
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Re: Cisco modem reboots weekly

Can you post a screen shot of the downstream/upstream signal levels, so we can analyze? Poor signal can cause the modem to reboot.


If not that, then I would suspect power problems either with the power adapter or your power source.