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Cisco DPC3941B Is Still A Bad Router

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Cisco DPC3941B Is Still A Bad Router

I am hoping someone at Comcast in charge of equipment reads this and picks better next time. The DPC3941B is a bad, bad router. I have to superstitiously disable services that "might be" causing too much network traffic or it randomly reboots. Because there is no monitoring support so it is impossible to do it scientifically. Just guess and hope. The administrative web page is terribly slow. Its logs are useless for any purpose. I was able to do better with a Linux box from 2002. Except I can't because Comcast won't support static IPs without one of their "special" routers. Also doesn't have VPN support with IPSec, OpenVPN or Wireguard.
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Re: Cisco DPC3941B Is Still A Bad Router

Hi Jonathan_Briggs.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the leased gateway. We appreciate your feedback and it is here for review. I do want to let you know that we're not able to load statics on owned equipment since we're not able to log into them and load configuration. However, you're welcome to use the gateway in pass through mode if the leased gateway is not capable of what you're looking to do.


Please let me know if you need anything.