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Change gateway to bridge mode best option?

Based on other posts I think I need to change my gateway to bridge mode but I want to be sure. I have an SMCD3G-CCR gateway that was installed when I opened my store in May. I needed wireless for my internet radio, printer and security cameras so I installed a Linksys 2500 at the same time. My cash registers are ethernet cabled but they are also routed through the Linksys. Everything works fine except the security camera. I can view the camera on the LAN but I can't access it through the internet remotely. I have tried to port forward both the gateway and the Linksys router but it's a bit confusing and something is obviously not right.


Would the right move at this point be to put the gateway in bridge mode? And if so how do I accomplish that? If it matters, I do have a static IP address.



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Welcome Lazarus25.  Bridge mode and fixed static IP's are incompatible on the Comcast Network.  Also your current port forwarding rule is set to the Comcast communications port for the gateway.  By assigning your static IP to your linksys router and utilizing that IP for remote access, the port forwarding rule can be set inside the linksys without issue.  Let us know if you need further assistance. 


Thank you

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