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Change SMC Gateway to bridge mode



I would like to change my SMC gateway to bridge mode so I can manage port forwarding directly from my router.  What is the best method to contact Comcast Business Class support to accomplish this?





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Re: Change SMC Gateway to bridge mode

you can do this yourself from the interface.  It doesen't actually bridge it, the NAT is still active but it does an ugly 1:1 forward inside the router so it appears as though it's bridging.


Actually you probabaly can just start using your static numbers now, without even doing anything, although it pays to turn off the firewall in the router.

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Re: Change SMC Gateway to bridge mode

Welcome dmckesson.  Comcast Support @ 800-391-3000 is the 24/7 support center for Comcast Business customers.  

However on the Comcast network, true bridge mode is not compatible with static IP routing.  If you want to utilize your static IP for inbound traffic the 1 to 1 NAT function provides the capability inside the SMC. However configuring the IP scope on your firewall or router puts all portforwarding management on your device.  

Thanks to forum member tmittelstaedat for the additional spot on input.  


Thank you 

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