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Can't forward port 80

I know there have been many messages about this but I haven't found a solution.  In the simplest configuration, I have one computer connected to the SMC business modem.  I have Apache web server running on on the computer (Windows 7) serving up my web pages on that computer.  When I set the modem to forward port 80 to for example (the static IP address of my computer) it does not work.  Apache is running OK since I can access it locally.  It appears that the modem simply is not actually forwarding port 80.  When I hook up my D-Link router to the modem and set it up to forward port 80, that works.  What the heck am I doing wrong?

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Re: Can't forward port 80

Welcome Rila.   Test by our Tier 2 agent shows the D-link connected to the Comcast gateway with your static IP assigned to that device.  Error message below indicates that the file is not available via the external port.


Response from IP

*** Virtual server error ***

The site you requested cannot be found on this server. You may have misspelled the name. Please check your spelling and try again. If you still get this error, the server may be down for maintenance.



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