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Cable Modems for Large Networks

Can anyone recommend a DOCSIS-3 compatible cable modem that's designed for large networks? I'm guessing something that could support 10,000 users would meet my needs.

I'm doing some high volume web crawling and it's overloading the standard SMC model Comcast is leasing me (SMCD3G). I have 4 servers running 100 threads each, and combined they're making anywhere from 10-100 requests per second. I'm guessing that's around the load a 10,000-user network generates around peak? At any rate, my cable modem is completely crapping out, my crawlers are running at a...crawl...and I'm barely using 1/10th of my 50/10 line.

My only other option is to make a best-guess based on CPU/microcontroller specs, but I'd really rather not have to dig into
the documentation for every DOCSIS-3 compatible cable modem on the market. It's either that, scale back my crawling, or fork over $3,000/mo for a leased line/co-lo bill. Neither of which I'd like to or am capable of doing. Surely there's hardware out there that will let me make the most of the line I'm leasing from Comcast...?

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Re: Cable Modems for Large Networks

Hi davidinoel.  For a10K user equivalent network, Enterprise Services provides a better solution.  Here is a link to additional information for  Comcast Business Solutions .  

Also the approved DOCSIS 3 device list for Business Customers in located here DOCSIS Device Info.


Thank You

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