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CG3000DCR setting for VPN Pass Through

Attempting to setup IPSec VPN between 2 locations, both using Comcast and both have Netgear CG3000DCR Routers.  Just want the Netgear units to do "VPN Pass Through" as I am using ZyWALL USG-100 Routers behind the Comcast Netgear units to create the VPN structure.


Have learned that I need to enable VPN Pass Through but don't see that setting.  VPN setup is new to me but the only idea I had was to enable 1:1 NAT to the WAN IP of the ZyWall.


I thank all in advance for your help!  John

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Re: CG3000DCR setting for VPN Pass Through

Do not use 1 to 1 nat. and make sure that the vpn options are not selected on the modem. Assign the IP directly to your device. Make sure firewall is disabled for true static subnet. That should be it. If it still doesn't connect, it is most likely the configuration of the either end point.
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