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Business Class - move service within building - how?

Our service is in an old downtown warehouse-type building in Minneapolis and pre-dates me, and those who arranged the service are no longer around. We need to move our data closet to a different floor of the building, and I don't know if running new coax is something we would contract out ourselves, or if that is something Comcast/Xfinity installers would need to do?


We will eventually be vacating the existing floor, so it's not a matter of running an extension from there to the new floor; a new run from wherever the service enters the building or demarcs, likely in the basement, is probably required. This isn't like an apartment building or newer office building, there is no installed coax infrastructure. 


I don't have a lot of time to call around different numbers to explain this five times and hope to find the answers, so I hope someone here can give me good advice. 

Thanks in advance! 


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Re: Business Class - move service within building - how?

Thanks for visiting our Comcast Business Support Forums page, toeknee. I'll need to take a look at your account to determine the address type. We may need to schedule a tech to relocate the coax wires. To get started, send me a private message with your full name, address and, the phone number listed on your account.

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