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Business Class Modem with WiFi?


Business Class Modem with WiFi?

We just got a new Business Class Internet account, and the SMC gateway/modem does not have WiFi built-in. Our previous Motorola Netopia DSL modem (AT&T) had built-in WiFi that we used for guest access only (we have a separate WiFi router for internal WiFi). Does Comcast provide any modems/gateways for Business Class with built-in WiFi? I know Comcast provides at least one for home use, as my sister has one at home (though she's in Philadelphia, so I'm not sure if there regional differences).

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Community Manager

Re: Business Class Modem with WiFi?

Welcome pwicorp.  Thank you for the post.  At this time Business Services does not offer a WIFi enabled device.   We will forward this inquiry to the Produce Team as a consideration for a future offering.


Thank You

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