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Business Class Gateway SMCD3G Remote Power Cycle?

I have a client who has a Comcast Business Calss SMCD3G Gateway.  Lately, the device has been getting stuck in a reset cycle loop and the only way to get out of it is to power cycle the device...


Often times this issue occurs middle of the night where no physical access to the device is available..


I was somewhat surprised to learn that there isn't any way to remotely power cycle the device..


Is this true or am I missing something??



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Re: Business Class Gateway SMCD3G Remote Power Cycle?

Hello Michale32086 and welcome,


Yes, the Comcast SMCD3G Gateway (CSG) does not have any means by which a customer can remotely power cycle the device. Your symptoms seems to suggest that your downstream/upstream power level may be out of specification causing your CSG to inadvertently reboot continuously. Could you log into this CSG and go to Gateway Summary.Cable Tab and post a copy of these power levels from this area.


Look forward to hearing from you.  

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Re: Business Class Gateway SMCD3G Remote Power Cycle?

if it's business it should be on a decent UPS, no?


Put it on an APC SmartUPS and you can remote into the UPS and have it power-cycle it's power sockets


APC also makes a remote reboot switch.


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