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Busines Gateway



I am a user with a home based business. I have not had the need to make any changes to my business gateway until recently.


The technician that installed our gateway changed the default login and gave me it on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, months later, I can not find the login info.


How do I go about getting the login info reset to the default so I can go ahead and get it setup for my current needs??



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Re: Busines Gateway

If you don't have a static IP, then just hold in the factory reset button on the back for about 5 seconds. That will factory reset the gateway.  Be advised any configurations you made to the modem will be lost and the login will be   cusadmin   highspeed.  The LAN IP will be  If you do have a static IP, do not factory reset it as you will loose your static ip configuration file.  Call care @ 800-391-3000 to have the password reset. You willl need your account information and PIN for authentication for them to reset it for you.

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