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Bridge mode providing no IP address


Bridge mode providing no IP address

Hi.  I purchased a new router with more features than the comcast modem/router, and wanted to use it. So, I called comcast today and asked them to put their modem into bridge mode.  They said they did so, and everything was looking good.


After the switch to bridge mode, there was nothing I could do to get an IP address from the modem.  The new router could not recieve an IP address, and even just plugging my laptop directly into the cable modem, I could get no IP address from the modem.  I tried setting up the IP statically on my laptop, and that did not work either.  What could the problem be?


Comcast expert-tech could not help me over the phone, he said they are going to send somebody out on Monday, but that is days away, and I'd really just like this to work like it should.  What could be wrong here?



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Re: Bridge mode providing no IP address

Welcome Poehler.   I can assist with this.  If you will send me a private message with the RF MAC-Address of the Comcast gateway I can verify the actual setting and set it bridge mode.  The change to bridge mode will require a reset of the gateway and should only take a few minutes.


Thank you


Re: Bridge mode providing no IP address

I am having the same issue, I need to run in bridge mode becasue I have my own firewall that is more robust, but I do not really need a static IP.  When the tech called and had them switch it to bridged mode it would not give me an ip, the tech could not get an ip either.


My firewall needs to have the dynamic public ip, if I set my firewall to DHCP and have the gateway in bridged mode, this will work for what I need.  Does this mean it needs to be in "true bridged mode"??



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