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Block IP Address at Gateway

I have a couple of Windows Servers behind an SMC-D3G via a 1:1 NAT configuration to public IPs.  The past couple of months, I have been getting hammered with requests from on port 23 (about one every 3 seconds).  I have been blockiing these via Windows Firewall, but what I would really like to do is block them at the gateway and never allow the request to reach either machine.  I don't readily see an option in the SMC-D3G that allows me to block all track from an IP or IP adress range.



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Re: Block IP Address at Gateway

Hello codechurn and welcome,


I believe you can connect a computer to any SMC LanPort 1-4, bring up a browser, then enter, username=cusadmin, password=highspeed, then click Firewall link, up top there is a URL or Website Blocking tab that you can click and use this to block any website from entering the gateway for any reason.


FYI - some interesting info on that IP here


Hope this helps you out.

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