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Best VPN modem to put behind a cg3000dcr

To All,


Thank you in advance. 


The problem I have is I lose so much speed when I have the VPN hooked up.  I have everything hooked up wire not wireless and the best I can get is 22 download I pay for 75 download.  Any help with this is greatly need and appreciated.


Thank you



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Re: Best VPN modem to put behind a cg3000dcr

Which model of VPN router do you have?


I have had good luck with Cisco's Small Business VPN router line - specifically, we've installed numerous RV320's. If you have more than ~20-25 users you might want to think about something more high end than that. IPsec throughput has been measured at around 55-60mbps.


Also, a good thing to try would be to plug a computer directly into the Netgear modem and see what speeds you get; you could potentially have signal issues.

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