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Any Issues with moving an owned modem from a Business account to a Residential

Would there be any issues with activating an owned modem on a Business account and then later moving that to a Residential account when closing the Business account? I'd like to get something in writing since our relationship has quickly degraded to me not trusting the word of your representatives.


If you're at all curious as to why I would pose such a question: I am tired of dealing with this "business grade" joke of a modem/gateway called a SMCD3G and customer service and support  are just as poor. Frankly am not getting any benefit for the price preminum of Business Class service. I signed the contract for this service because I would be working out of my home for busniess purposes and apparently lied to by the sales rep that I would receive better customer service by a different call center and field techs as part of the price premium. Instead I've received the poor service comonly associated with your Residential service. In some of my encounters with customer support and techs, I am astounded that you have the gall to call this "business grade service". Hanging up on me, being rude, not logging the support call, not bothering to look past the modem to see if the signals at the node are jacked up, only able to roll a truck days out instead of the same day, not calling me back when promised, and canceling truck rolls shouldn't be tollerated for a Busniess account. At least in moving to a Residential account after my contract is up, I'll get what I pay for.

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Re: Any Issues with moving an owned modem from a Business account to a Residential

Welcome noc007.  Yes you can activate customer owned equipment on business accounts.   The list of approved devices for Business Services can be found here. All customer owned equipment, approved for Business Services are also approved for residential services.  


noc007 I'm sorry to hear that your experience with our Business Services & Support has net met your expectations. Our goal is to always deliver a superior experience to our customers everyday.  You comments have been forwarded to our management team.


Thank you

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