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75 mbps service - MESH questions

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75 mbps service - MESH questions

I recently switched from Xfinity to Comcast Business to cut the cable cord.  Very happy with the results, except the Pegatron modem/router  Comcast Business provided doesn't send a very high signal strength to Roku TVs at the perimiter of the building.  I intend to install a mesh network, but the Pegatron modem/router seems redundant on the router side. 


I think I just need a modem compatible with Comcast Business to connect to the first mesh node to start the mesh.


Am I on the right track? Or can I turn off the wifi from the Pegatron and just plug the first mesh node into the ethernet port?


Thanks in advance for help.

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Re: 75 mbps service - MESH questions

Hi RGoodwin and welcome to the business forums.


Thanks for your question on the Comcast Business equipment. As long as you do not need a static, you are able to purchase your own modem/gateway. Here's a list:


Also, you are able to use bridge mode or passthrough mode with your own router as well:


Please let me know if you need anything. 

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