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2 Private networks from one Comcast service

The computer shop I purchase stuff from told me I could have 2 seperate IP address and 2 seperate networks from my one Business Comcast account. Is this possable? I called Comcast and they had no Idea what I was talking about but I know that the Clio Computers has this setup.


he said one network just plugs into one of the RJ45 jacks on the back and the other network plugs one of the other RH45 jacks. He did say I would have to pay for 2 static IP addresses.


I want to use my Linux computer on the network and our provider for Visa processing scans the network somehow by remote and they do not want any Linux or XP computers on our network.


If anyone knows what this is called so I know what to ask for when I call in to Comcast please let me know.


Thank You in advance for any help You can send my way.


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Re: 2 Private networks from one Comcast service

Hello Guy_From_Michig and welcome,


You can definitely have and use multiple Static IP addresses on your single Comcast Gateway ( CG : SMCD3G, Netgear3000, or DPC3939B). You can purchase 1 ($14.95), 5 ($19.95), or 13 ($34.95) block StaticIP(s). One could construe that a staticIP address is sort of related to a different network only by virtue of the different StaticIP devices specific data transaction processing activity, for instance, Business Webserver and Business Security Camera. Both have dedicated functional operation to meet different business needs.


So you can purchase a 5 StaticIP block, then configure both your Linux and XP server network configurations with the following :  Routable Static IP address for Linux and different one for XP server, Gateway Static IP adress, StaticIP Subnet Mask address, PriDNS address, SecDNS address. You would then connect you Lunux Server to one LanPort 1-4 RJ45 and the XP Server to a different LanPort 1-4 RJ45.


If you wanted any specific Linux StaticIP device or the XP Server device ports open for remote accessibility per your mentioned Visa processing, this can be easily and securely done using the FireWall.Port Forwarding.True Static IP port management facility built into the CGs. Typically to log into a CG just connect any computer to Lanports 1-4 port, open a browser, in address field enter, username=cusadmin, password=highspeed.


Hope this helps you out.



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