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1-1 NAT died

I have a Comcast Cisco DPC3941B modem that has features randomly stop working.  Today it's 1-1 NAT.  I have two WAN IP addresses mapped to two LAN IP addresses.  The outside world can ping the two LAN devices fine but they can't maintain a TCP/IP stream.  Just a few packets trickle through per minute.  The two LAN devices have the same problem reaching the outside world while 1-1 NAT is turned on for them.


There's nothing that my 'cusadmin' login can do to see what's wrong.  I called customer service but reached somebody with no technical training.  How do I get this fixed?

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Re: 1-1 NAT died

Hello kevinmcmurtrie,


Sorry for my delayed response to your post. Would you please send me a private message with your account information so I can investigate this issue for you?


Thank You

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