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transfered my domain from Droa to Godaddy



I was hoping someone had and answer to this.  I transfered a domain from droa to godaddy that was setup for email using comcast bussiness email.  After the transfer all MX, CNAME etc records have been cleared and I need to re-set them back to point to comcast.  I was able to login to my comcast account and set the MX records and subdomains so that they point back to comcast but im not sure if I need a CNAME record I initually setup withthis domain.  I don't have it anymore and now that the domain is transfered I have no record of what it was.  


Question is:  Do I just ned to set the MX records and sub-domain points (smtp, IMAP, POP, autodiscover etc)?



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Re: transfered my domain from Droa to Godaddy

Since SOA is the registrar (originally), the NS records were probably changed to godaddy's when they took over registration.  If the domain is already on your account on the portal, the cname would not be necessary as that is only used to verify ownership.  If email is the only thing comcast will be hosting, take the MX records that you see listed for your domain under view dns in the portal and put them in the ns records at godaddy.  

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